Transferring money from different currencies can often be costly and challenging. To alleviate this issue, we recommend using WISE. By using Wise, you can effortlessly send conference funds with ease.

Here's how the system operates:

  1. Account Creation: Begin by creating an account via mobile/desktop.
  2. Transfer Request: Log and submit your transfer request with the given details. Ensure to include your personal payment code in the optional "type a reference" section. This step is crucial for identifying you as the sender; otherwise, the default sender will display as Wise company.
  3. Bank Transfer: Transfer the funds to the bank account provided by WISE. Please do not forget to write the description provided by Wise when you are transferring the money from your bank account to Wise account.
  4. Immediate Processing: Upon receiving the funds, WISE promptly processes the transaction and charges the amount to the CZ account.